Music theory lessons

Music theory lessons in Teesside

Do you need to brush up your music theory for an upcoming exam? Haresnape School of Music in Teesside conducts thorough music theory lessons for students of all levels.

Brush up your music theory

If you want to prepare for  your music theory exam, you can come to Haresnape School of Music. Here we conduct intensive theory classes for musicians of all levels. Whether you want to play for fun or study for exams, our expertise can help you achieve the satisfaction and the relaxation that music brings.

If you want to take exams, Christopher Haresnape will help you prepare the pieces and provide training for the keyboard tests, aural tests, and the theory of music, and organise an examination date for you. Pupils can choose to take exams with ABRSM, RCO, RSCM, LCM, Trinity College, Victoria College or any other examining board of their choice. We are proud to claim a 100% success rate. You can also get in touch with Chris if you need a wedding organist.
Music theory
Music Class
Do you require a revision for your music theory examination? Haresnape School of Music conducts extensive theory lessons in Teesside.

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Theory lessons for all instruments

Our classes include the following:
We deliver personalised lessons to each of our pupils as per their abilities and requirements. Get in touch with us for more details.
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Music theory lessons
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