A concert musician for an awesome music event

Are you looking for someone to play accompanying music at your concert?
You can come to Haresnape School Of Music. Our concert musician can play music
from a variety of genres.

Trained to play at concerts

If you are looking for a concert musician in the North East, you can come to us. At Haresnape School Of Music, we have a talented musician who can accompany you at your concerts. Chris is a qualified musician who is an expert in piano and keyboard. He conducts organ and music theory lessons and enjoys working with choirs across churches in Teesside. 

As a professional musician, Chris is well rounded and has an extensive repertoire of music. With his accompaniment, your concert can take on a whole new dimension. You can take a look at his  history and training.
concert music
Haresnape School Of Music has a gifted concert musician in Teesside. To book his services, call on
07773 372 366

Wide range of genres and styles

Chris is well versed in a wide range of genres and styles of music. His music includes the following:
  • Classical music
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Contemporary repertoire
With over ten years of experience in music teaching and performance, Chris can add value to your concert. With him in your team, you can create beautiful music together. Get in touch for more details.
Music styles
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